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A descendant from the line of Girion lord of Dale, Bard is one of the guardsmen of Esgaroth. He is described as "grim-faced" and often predicts problems and woes visiting Laketown. When Smaug leaves the Lonely Mountain to ravage Laketown Bard is told by the thrush to aim for the hollow in his breast. Bard does so and slays the dragon, which destroys the town as he falls. Bard is believed to be dead until he appears before the people having saved himself by jumping before the town was crushed. Bard then goes to the Lonely Mountain where he and the newly arrived Elf King discover the dwarves still alive. When harsh words are exchanged, the two declare a siege on the mountain until the army of wargs and goblins arrive. After the goblin army is defeated and peace is restored, Bard rebuilds Dale and reigns there as king.

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