Ch:Of the Noldor in Beleriand

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Of the Noldor in Beleriand
BookQuenta Silmarillion
AuthorJ. R. R. Tolkien

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This chapter explains how Gondolin was built for and inhabited by Turgon and his followers, how King Thingol learned the bitter truth of the Noldor, and how Finrod would remain heirless.


Plot Summary

Turgon finds Tumladen

Guided by Ulmo, Turgon found a hidden valley within the high mountains near upper Sirion, inside of which was a hill, exactly as Turgon would have desired to create his city, so he returned to Nevrast, secretly pondering how to achieve this. Realizing the tumult of Dagor Aglraeb, Ulmo summoned many of his talented workers and had them construct the city for Turgon in Tumladen. Turgon remained yet in Nevrast, while Ulmo's folk worked secretly for fifty-two years. It is said that Turgon intended the name of the completed city to be Ondolindë, The Rock of the Music of the Water, but its name was changed to the Sindarin Gondolin, which meant Hidden Rock. When Turgon set out from Nevrast once more, Ulmo encountered him and declared to him that his city was finished and that it would long withstand Morgoth's forces, as only by the power of Ulmo would anyone be able to enter the secret valley. He also warned him of the Doom of Mandos laid upon the Noldor and that he should be careful of internal conflicts within his city. There would be a time when warning would come to him, and so he should have ready for this person arms and a sword, and giving him a description of these items, he left Turgon and returned to the Sea. Then Turgon summoned his people and select groups from other clans in the Noldor and the Sindar, and they secretly immigrated to their secret home in Gondolin, and the city was refined into one that could even compare to that of Tirion upon Túna.

Melian confronts Galadriel

While Galadriel had resided in Doriath out of love for Celeborn, she had come close to Queen Melian and told her much of what happened in Aman, before the Darkening of the Two Trees. Melian did not believe that the Noldor had come as messengers of the Valar and that they carried dark secrets, so Galadriel confided in her about the Silmarils and the slaying of Finwë at Formenos by Morgoth, but she did not mention the Noldor's oath to reclaim them, nor the Kinslaying at Alqualondë, nor the burning of the ships at Losgar. Melian perceived that there was more but did not press Galadriel to it. Instead, she gave this new information to King Thingol, who was shocked and grieved to hear it but resolved by the fact that the Noldor would forever be their allies against Morgoth. Even so, Melian warned him that she sense treachery among the Noldor and that their trust was not so hard as iron.

Rumors and Distrust

Rumors about the Noldor and their dark deeds, though not truly disclosed, quickly spread across the realms of the Sindar, and they began to lose faith in the Noldor, and the spreading of these rumors was propagated by the cunning of Morgoth. When Círdan caught wind of these tales, he sent word to Thingol, detailing all that he had heard. It happened to be that at this time, the sons Finarfin had come to Menegroth to see their sister Galadrieal, and Thingol was harsh in calling them out for their crimes that had been perceived. Finrod claimed he had done no harm to his fellow Elves in Beleriand and Angrod passionately denied that the Noldor had left Aman with a stain on their spirits. He then told of the Kinslaying, the Doom of Mandos, and the Burning of the Ships, chastizing Fëanor and his sons for their hostility. Hearing this, Thingol ordered them to leave, overwhelmed by all the news, yet he asserted that he still retained friendship with Fingolfin and those loyal to him, but the speech used by those at the Kinslaying would never again be uttered in his realm again. Sure enough, all the Sindar in Beleriand heard their king's word, and then turned against the language of the Calaquendi and shunned all those who used it, and it so came that Sindarin had become commonplace, even amongst the Noldorin peoples, and Quenya became a rare language of lore.

Tears of Amour

In his realm of Nargothrond, Galadriel came to Finrod for a visit and asked why held a lonely throne, with no queen at his side. To that, he replied, "An oath I too shall swear, and must be free to fulfil it, and go into darkness. Nor shall anything of my realm endure that a son should inherit." In truth, Finrod has loved Amarië of the Vanyar, and she did not follow him into exile with the Noldor, and she remained still across the Great Sea in Valinor with her people.

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