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Of the Sindar
BookQuenta Silmarillion
AuthorJ. R. R. Tolkien

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This chapter tells of the greatest days of the realm of Thingol and Melian, how the Dwarves came into Beleriand and how best of days began to draw toward their end.


[edit] Plot Summary

[edit] The Sindarin Realm

All the Elves of Beleriand took Elwë as their king, and they called him Elu Thingol, King Greymantle. The realm of Thingol and Melian was the greatest of any Elves that was ever on Middle-earth. While much of the world remained asleep, Melian brought life and liveliness to the realm, and the stars in the sky shone brightly. Thingol and Melian had one child, Lúthien, who was born in Neldoreth, at the end of the first age of Morgoth's imprisonment.

[edit] The Naugrim

During the second age of Morgoth's captivity, the Dwarves first crossed Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains, and entered Beleriand. The Sindar had two names for them, The Naugrim (the Stunted People) and the Gonnhirrim (Masters of Stone). They had two dwellings within the mountains, known as Gabilgathol and Tumunzahar in Dwarvish, but as Belegost and Nogrod to the Sindar. Their greatest realm was Dwarrowdelf (Khazad-dûm, later known as Moria), within the Misty Mountains, but the Sindar never journeyed so far to see it.

The Dwarves amazed the Elves, because the Elves had never seen another race that spoke and created. The Elves had difficulty learning the language of the Dwarves, and they thought it was rather unappealing. The Dwarves quickly learned to speak the Elves' tongue, and they preferably did not like to share their language. The Dwarves built roads and traveled into Beleriand for trade and other purposes, but it would come that they befriended the Noldor more, because they shared a respect for crafting, for Aulë, and for jewels.

[edit] Building Menegroth

Melian knew that peace would not last within their realm forever, so the Sindar asked the Dwarves for advice and help, which they gave for free, because Thingol had given them many pearls which came from Círdan. The chief of these pearls was as large as a dove's egg and called Nimphelos, and the Dwarves prized these gems, which they could not find in the earth. So they built a city for Thingol and Melian inside a rocky hill, protected by the river Esgalduin, the bridge across which was the only way to enter. It was called Menegorth, the Thousand caves.

[edit] The Lingering Peace

After it was done, peace continued in Beleriand, and the Dwarves traveled freely, fulfilling whatever purpose they had. They rarely went to Falas, because they hated the sea. It was not to last. The Dwarves warned that the Valar had not removed all the evil from Middle-earth, and the remainders had multliplied and spread across the lands east of Ered Luin, and the Quendi that still remained in the east from ages ago were fleeing. Wolves, Orcs, and other horrible creatures came into Beleriand, although in small numbers. So Thingol decided that the Sindar must arm themselves, and the Dwarves aided them be creating many weapons and armor, which were the best of their kind. So first the first time, the Sindar were ready to defend their land and people from evil.

As mentioned in Of the Coming of the Elves, some of the Teleri had stopped by Anduin, and Lanwë led the Nandor down the River Anduin. Those Elves scattered. Some remained within the woods by the river, others went to the coast, and some more wandered past the Nimrais, the White Mountains, and came into Eriador. They were not prepared to defend themselves when the evil creatures had returned, so Denethor, son of Lenwë, gathered as many of his brethren as he could and brought them to safety in Beleriand, and they lived in Ossiriand.

Daeron the Minstrel, chief loremaster of Thingol, first devised rune stones for keeping messages and records. The Dwarves praised the idea and made great use of it, and the practice spread east into Middle-earth. The Sindar used them rarely, and this caused much of Doriath to be forgotten, after it fell. When Morgoth finally left Aman, and his cry upon being ensnared by Ungoliant was heard, it echoed across the entire realm of Thingol, and Ungoliant ventured into the realm itself, and Melian's power halted her, and she remained in the northern mountains, which became known as Ered Gorgorth, The Mountains of Terror, and many evil things came from there, and the waters of those rivers became toxic.

Morgoth was upon his throne in Angband, almost five hundred miles north of Menegroth. From his fortress, he launched an assault upon the Elves, and this started the first of the Wars of Beleriand. Thingol's forces, with aid of the Dwarves, defeated most of Morgoth's Orcs, but the Elves in Ossiriand were not well prepared for war, and many of them died, and their king Denethor was slain. Afterward, many of them went into Doriath and lived with the Sindar, but those that remained became the Laiquendi, the Green Elves, and they remained a secret and hidden folk.

The Orcs in the west were successful, and they had pushed Círdan to the sea. Melian then formed a powerful barrier to protect Doriath, the Girdle of Melian, and no one could pass it against the will of the king or the queen. But it was at this time that, unsuspectingly, Fëanor had arrived at the Firth of Drengist from Aman.

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