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Predominant raceMen

Gondor, located in southwestern middle earth, was the greatest kingdom of Men. It was founded first by Elendil and his sons, 3320. The Eastern reaches of Gondor have ever been seen as a first defence against Mordor, Osgiliath, Ithilien and lastly Minas Tirith. The Men of Gondor were good warriors, skilled in the arts of battle, though the blood of Numenor slowly ran thin in their veins, and by the late Third age they were shadows of a former glory.


Gondor was populated by those few Men of Numenor who weren't corrupted by Sauron. These Numenoreans, led be Elendil, founded the lands of Gondor and Arnor. Isildur ruled over the lands of southern Gondor, while his father remained in Arnor. Communication between Arnor and Gondor was originally done through four seeing stones, or the palantir.

They did not stay long in the lands of Gondor before war brewed yet again. Unknown to the Men Sauron had returned to Mordor, and was building his stregnth. It was in 3429 when he attacked Minas Ithil, and took the city. Isildur fled to Arnor, leaving his brother Anarion in Gondor. Although Anarion managed to drive Sauron back from Osgiliath he did not have enough stregnth to fully destroy Sauron.

In the meanwhile Elendil formed an alliance with Gil-galad to purge Sauron. The battle that followed was known as the War of the Last Alliance. It lasted several years, 3434 – 3441. During those years Anarion was slain, and in the final hour of the battle Sauron killed both Gil-galad and Elendil. At this moment Isildur managed to defeat Sauron, taking the One Ring for himself.

After Saruons defeat Gondor created footholds to watch over Mordor, The Towers of The Teeth were erected outside the Black Gate, while Cirith Ungol was erected to watch the pass on southern Mordor.

Isildur decided to rule over both Gondor and Arnor, but like his father he chose to reside in Arnor. Before leaving, on the second year of the third age Isildur planted the White Tree of Gondor. However on his journey to Arnor Isildur was killed, losing The Ring and leaving Gondor to his son, Valandil. However Valandil did not claim lordship over Arnor, but that was taken by Meneldil, Anarion's heir. This was when Gondor and Arnor were first seperated.

More than four centuries passed before Gondor fought again. In 490 they were attacked by Men from Rhun, but the Easterlings were defeated in 500, by Tarostar. And so started Gondor's great hostilites with the East. In 541 the Men of Rhun once again attacked, this time killing King Tarostar, but Turambar avenged his father by driving back the Easterlings, afterwards claiming his kingship.

In 830 Tarannon became king, but he died with no heir, the first sign of Gondor's decay. Around the time of 1050 Gondor expanded a great deal, claiming lands as far as the west misty mountains up to the River of Isen, and the Sea of Rhun.

In 1851 Gondor was once again attacked from the East, time by Wain riders, so they were called. These Men of the East were incited to attack by Sauron, they entered in Rhovanion, home to the Northmen. In 1856 Narmacil II attacked the Wainriders south of Mirkwood, however the Gondorians were beaten, forced to withdraw they abandoned their eastern territories, except Ithilien. In 1899 it was learnt that the Wain riders were planning to cross the Anduin and attack Gondor, however they were routed in a battle on Dagorlad, by the Gondorians.

In 2050 the line of Gondor kings was brought to an end. The eight Nazgul and their King had been defeated in the north, because Earnur had brought forces to aid the Dunedain, and now took refuge in the tower of Minas Morgul. The Witch King challenged Earnur to combat, the king was eager and couldn't refuse. He never returned. As the royal bloodline had become so diluted over the years, and because Earnur had no sons, stewards now ruled in wait of a king.

Five centuries later, during the rule of Denethor I the peace was broken, when the Nazgul lead a great force of Uruks into Ithilien – they captured Osgiliath and laid it to ruin. Boromir, son of the steward drove them out , but Osgiliath remained in ruin.

In 2758 Gondor was attacked once again by Umbar and Harad, but they were driven away by Beregrond. It was realised that Gondor could no longer afford to keep up the stronghold of Isengard in the North, so they gave it to Saruman, who's presence they hoped would provide protection on Gondor's western border.

In 2942 Saruon returned to mordor. But it was in 2951 when he made his presence known, by rebuilding Barad Dur. In 2980 Ecthellion II took under his command a Man named Thorongil. Thorongil led an attack on the Corsairs of Umbar, it was a decisive victory. When Ecthelion II died he was succeeded by the last steward of Gondor, Denethor. Denethor later learned that Thorongil was Aragorn, Isildur's heir, but this was long after the mysterious Man had dissapeared. Denethor believed he would lead Gondor in it's dark war against Mordor, he managed to retake Osgiliath and sought to defeat Sauron. He attempted to use the Palantir of the White City to learn os Saurons plans, but Sauron corrupted him through his own Palantir in Minas Morgul.

The War of the Ring

In 3018 the War entered full swing. Mordor launched an assault on Osgiliath, but Boromir held the western side of the river. However it was during this time that Boromir left Gondor's defence to Faramir, as he went in search of answers concerning Isildur's bane in Rivendell. Faramir held Gondor's defences in Ithilien and Osgiliath, though they were greatly outnumbered on all fronts. Gondor was threatened by many enemies, the Men and Orcs of mordor, and the Corsairs of Umbar from the anduin. Denethor decided to call for the aid of Rohan. On March the 9th Pippin and Gandalf arrived in Minas Tirith, along with armies from the south of Gondor. March 10th, Faramirs forces were overwhelmed in Osgiliath by the huge army led by the Witch King. By March 13th the Orc forces reached Pelennor fields, Minas Tirith was under sieged. Gandalf took over defence of the city, as Denethor had turned to madness and lost all hope. March 15th, Denethor commits suicide. On the very same day the gates of the city were breached, the defenders had killed many Orcs but there were too many. The city would have been taken, but then the horsemen of Rohan came, and defeated Mordor's army. May 1st, Aragorn led an army to the Black gate, in an attempt to divert Sauron's attention from Frodo. When the ring was destroyed so was Sauron, his forces were scattered, and Mordor lay in ruin. Aragorn was crowned King Ellessar, and ruled Gondor in a time of peace.

Minas Tirith in the film trilogy

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