Mount Doom

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Mount Doom
Mount Doom Pic.jpgMount Doom erupting in Mordor

Mount Doom is located in Mordor and is where the dark lord Sauron formed the One Ring from its fires. It was the only place where the One Ring could be destroyed. When Sauron was defeated by Isildur, he could have destroyed it then, but the Ring survive for three thousand more years, until the events in The Lord of the Rings unfolded, in which Frodo Baggins set out from The Shire to destroy it. At the end of the journey, in The Return of the King, Frodo makes it to the Cracks of Doom (the opening in the mountain that lead to the fiery chasm), but he was stopped by Gollum, who bit his finger off and took the Ring back but then clumsily fell into the flaming pit on his own accord. The One Ring was destroyed as a result, and Mount Doom began to erupt. Frodo and Sam would have been doomed to burn by the lava, had the Eagles not come at that moment and bore them safely back to Gondor.

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