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 Sauron is the leader of the forces of evil, and the creator of the one ring.  Back in the second age he promised all the races that they will all be equal with there own rings of power.  But Sauron made the one ring without there knowledge, with the power to rule over all the others, with this his reign of shadow began.  The men who were given nine rings fell under service to Sauron, these men later become the ring wraiths or Nazgul.  After a time, the forces of men and elves decided to band together, and march on mordor to defeat Sauron.  After the battle raged for a while victory was close for the forces of good, but however the rings power was very great.  Wearing the one ring Sauron himself entered the fray, it looked as if everything was lost until the king of men Elendil stepped forward with Narsil and fell to Sauron.  After his father fell, Isildur attempted to fight Sauron, but Sauron broke Narsil by stepping on it.  After it was broken, Isildur took up what was left of the sword, and cut the one ring from Sauron`s hand.  With his power gone, Sauron fell with a flash of light, and was no more, and than a new age began.  Saurons sole is alive in the one ring, as long as it survives, Sauron can not be truly killed.  After the battle Isildur toke the ring for himself and fell because of it, after his death the ring got lost for a long time.  Later it was fund by a Hobbit type being by the name of Smeagle, while he was fishing with his friend Deagle. Deagle was the one who fund the ring and the two fought over it and Smeagle killed Deagle.  The ring was lost again for a long time until it was found in Smeagle`s cave by Bilbo Baggans.  After this it was taken to the Shire where it stayed with Bilbo for a while, until on his birthday he used the ring and Gandalf fund out about it. After this the ring went to Frodo(Bilbos nephew), and by this time Sauron knew of it`s location.

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