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I added a little mock up of a banner idea to the main page. Once anyone has something better, by all means put it up. -Light Druid


[edit] Communication

We need to start having some. We can't just post up random edits and pages forever, there needs to be some organization. So let's start discussing and laying stuff out from here.

That said, I have some ideas for the Hobbit section that I'll hopefully be incorporating in the upcoming few days. It will definitely be a work in progress, so nothing you may see is necessarily definite. - Light Druid

[edit] Lord of the Rings Online

Just a small note that most of my edits will be done for the game Lord of the Rings Online. - Delexo

[edit] Main Page Banner

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of work for the past few days, life has been busy. Anywho, there are several banners which have been offered as possibilities on the second page of the Graphics Request forum. If anyone likes any of them, we could switch it in for the old one. Or if we want to go in a different direction we can try a new banner style. -Light Druid


My favorite is the transparent banner, and 2nd fav would be the one with map behind it. I uploaded both of 'em.--Kudzuka 19:10, 28 January 2009 (UTC)


[edit] My Thoughts

I like the first one. We should go with that.

Also, I'll mostly be focusing my attention on pages relate to the books. I intend to do everything I can there before I work on the games or the films, because I have more knowledge of the books than I do the games.

Also, I think a variety of banners, since Middle-earth lore is so broad and vast, might make things look better. Just a thought for the future. - Rome

[edit] Immediate Action

I went ahead and put up one of the two banners, since both of them look better than the previous one. -Rome

[edit] Let's Get Going!

Well I've added categories to some of the pages in Wanted Pages, and I plan on adding more information to the pages that I've added them to so far, so when I'm done all those, I'll categorize some more. Weird method, I know. So that's what I'll be doing.