Alqualondë was the city in Eldamar, created by the Teleri who had actually crossed Belegaer. Olwë was the lord of this city and king of the Teleri. This was largely a harbor town, because the Teleri loved the ocean and life at sea. The Teleri scarcely left this home or ventured to see the light of the Two Tree up close. Their prized possessions were their white ships, which they built with the aid Ossë and used to finish the journey from Tol Eressëa. Fëanor asked Olwë for permission to use these ships, because they treasured them and desired not to lose them ever, Olwë denied the Noldor. Bold, Fëanor tried to take them by force, which led to the Kinslaying, the battle between the two races of the Eldar for the ships. In the end, the Noldor won at a great cost and saildd from the havens of the Teleri with their sacred ships.

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