Ch:Of Eldamar and the Princes of Eldalië

Of the Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldalië.
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ArtistTed Nasmith
BookQuenta Silmarillion
AuthorJ. R. R. Tolkien

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This chapter tells of how the races of the Elves came at last to Aman. It also describes the races and lineage of the Eldar, but that information is found on this page.

[edit] Plot Summary

[edit] Departure and the Isle of Balar

Oromë led the Vanyar and the Noldor to the Western shores of Beleriand, and did not continue west, which also led north, to the icy straight of Helcaraxë. Ulmo rose from the sea an island and moved it as if it were a ship near the shores of Beleriand, on the Bay of Balar where the River Sirion emptied. The Noldor and the Vanyar migrated to the island, and then they were ferried on it to Aman's eastern shores. The eastern tip of island, however, broke from the main body and remained in the bay, and it became the Isle of Balar.

The Teleri remained in East Beleriand, lagging behind, and they did not know of the summons of Ulmo and could not cross. They could not find their lord, Elwë, and they longed to be reunited with their friends of the Vanyar and the Noldor, so Olwë led many of them to the mouth of Sirion. There, they met Ossë and Uinen, who taught them much of the lore and music of the sea. They came to love the water and they ways of the sea. Finwë prayed to Ulmo to reunite the Noldor with their beloved Teleri, and he listened, so he went to the Teleri on the western shores to give them passage to Valinor. Ossë was sad to hear this, because he had grown attached to the Elves there, and so he convinced many to stay. Those that stayed by the coast became the Falathrim, the Elves of Falas.

Elwë and his followers, who stayed behind to look for him, desired to go to Valinor and see the light of the trees, but they could not find him, so they remained inland, within in the woods of Beleriand. Elwë did wake from his trance with Melian, and he left Nan Elmoth and returned to those who waited for him. What light he desired to see across the Great Sea was in the face of Melian. The Teleri who met him again were amazed to see that he now looked like a lord of the Maiar, tallest of the Children, with silver hair. Those Elves called themselves the Eglath, the Forsaken People.

Ossë begged Ulmo to halt the voyage of Olwë and his people, and Ulmo agreed. The island ended its course and rested in the Bay of Eldamar and became Tol Eressëa, The Lonely Isle.

Ted Nasmith's rendition of the Teleri's departure

[edit] The Settlement of the Elves

The Valar created a gap in the Mountains of Aman, so the light of the Two Trees could shine through and to give easier access to the Children. A hill named Túna was risen, and the Elves lived upon it, and it became the city of Tirion. The light shined upon Túna and the Elves there, and it went further east to The Lonely Isle, and blessed light caused things to grow, and the first flower east of the Pelóri bloomed. The Elves built the Tower of Ingwë, the tallest in Tirion, and placed a silver lamp with a beam that shot far across the sea. Yavanna created Galathilion, The White Tree, a tree that descended from Telperion, but gave off no light. The Noldor and the Vanyar cherished it. From it, a seed was planted on The Lonely Isle, and it became known as Celeborn.

Manwë loved the Vanyar the most, and Aulë loved the Noldor the most. He and his people (presumably Maiar) taught the Noldorin Elves as much as they could in crafting and skills. The Noldor had a great thirst for knowledge, and they became very talented in language in creating things. They discovered the first of the gems in the earth and sculpted them into wondrous works and designs. They gave them out freely to the other Elves, sharing the wealth. They added to the beauty of Valinor.

The Teleri were indecisive in choosing their love of the sea over the desire to see the splendor of Valinor, but the desire proved greater, and Ossë had no choice but to teach them the art of shipbuilding so they could at last reach Aman. He gave the Teleri great swans that guided the ships across their voyage. They built their city by the coast, and they named it Alqualondë, the Haven of Swans. The Noldor gave them many jewels, which they used to decorate their beaches and their pools. They found pearls in the ocean and used it to form and polish their halls and the mansions of Olwë. They frolicked in sand by the tide, with their hair glistening in the light of Valinor. They spent much time sailing the Bay of Eldamar.

The Vanyar eventually left Tirion and went to live with the Valar on the other side of the mountains, for they loved the light of the Two Trees. The Noldor remained in the Calacirya, the Pass of Light through the Pelóri. Fëanor and his sons rarely stayed stagnant, and they explored the whole region of Valinor, to the darkest borders and to the shores of the Outer Sea. As was said, they always yearned to discover, and thus they would set into motion great changes.

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