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Of Men
BookQuenta Silmarillion
AuthorJ. R. R. Tolkien

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This brief chapter details how Men came into existence and how they differed from the Elves.

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[edit] New Arda

With the rising of the sun, Middle-earth changed. The years became shorter. The air was thick and heavy with mortality. The immortal days of the Quendi were lost.

The Sun first rose in the West, and with its rising, the first of Men awoke in the land of Hildórien. Men were brought to the light and went West toward it. They were given many names by the Elves, the Atani (The Second People), the Hildor (The Followers), the Apanónar (the After-born), the Engwar (The Sickly), the Fírimir (The Mortals), and the Usurpers, the Strangers, the Inscrutable, the Self-cursed, the Heavy-handed, the Night-fearers, and the Children of the Sun. Very little is said of Men in early times. They were not guided by the Valar like the Elves, and knew little of them and often feared their rumors. Ulmo thought to send messages to them through the water of of the Earth, but Men could never interpret them, yet they felt enamored by the water's seeming concern. Men befriended the Dark Elves that remained yet in the vast lands of Middle-earth, and they spread all across these lands, enjoying life, yet unaware their race would soon become involved in the conflict between Morgoth and the Eldar.

Elves are of similar stature to Men, but Elves do not die. They are far more beautiful, wise, and talented in craft. Men are more weak. They can more easily be killed, and less easily healed. Whereas an Elf may not die of sickness, a Man can. Men ultimately grow old and die, and nothing is known of what happens to their spirits. Only Ilúvatar knows their final fate, and it is beyond the power or reckoning of the Valar. Morgoth ultimately estranged the two races, and the Men gained power in the world. The Elves waned and isolated themselves to hidden pockets of Middle-earth, forests, islands, and caves. Eventually the Elves would leave Middle-earth. The children of Elves and Men, Eärendil and Elwing, and their son Elrond, would share in the fate of the Elves.

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