BookThe Published Silmarillion
AuthorJ. R. R. Tolkien

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Valaquenta (Va-la-kwen-ta) means The Account of the Valar. This gives record of the Valar and the Maiar, according to the lore of the Eldar and sums up much of what is said in Ainulindalë. This tells no real story, so much as it gives an overview of relevant beings.

[edit] Of the Valar

It gives specific mention of the Lords and Queens of the Valar: Manwë, Ulmo, Aulë, Oromë, Mandos, Lórien, Tulkas, Varda, Yavanna, Nienna, Estë, Vairë, Vána, and Nessa. It tells of what domain or element on the Earth that they hold power and influence. It gives details of their personalities.

[edit] Of the Maiar

This describes the Maiar, much as the Valar described. The Maiar are powerful spirits that are lesser than the Valar. They serve and aid the Valar in their pursuits. Very few of the Maiar are known to the Children of Ilúvatar, but some are very significant and are mentioned here: Ilmarë, Eönwë, Ossë, Uinen, Melian, and Olórin.

[edit] Of the Enemies

This is given special attention to the rogue of the Ainur, Melkor, who was renamed Morgoth by the Elves because of his evil. It also tells of his servants, Balrogs and Sauron.

Thus, the Valaquenta ends.

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