A Warg
Warg.jpgA Warg seen in The Two Towers.

[edit] Appearance And Background

Wargs are foul beasts mostly under the control of Sauron and or Saruman. They are large wolf type creature with mostly brown fur that is fairly long. They are only a little smaller than horses and are used as mounts for orcs. It is unclear where they were derived from originally, they may have been created by the forces of evil. Their front legs are a little larger than their back legs and they almost have a type of mane. Their tail is pretty long and skinny, but this may depend. The films they appeared in are The Two Towers and The Return Of The King.

[edit] The Two Towers

In The Two Towers wargs were sent out by Saruman to attack Theoden and his men on the way to Helms Deep. Their were many and they were used as mounts for the orcs during the attack. They are depicted as strong and rather brutal during the battle. It was a deadly battle resulting in loses for the men, but the wargs and the orcs were both whipped out. The supposed death of Aragorn also occurred here.

[edit] The Return Of The King

In The Return Of The King film, wargs make a minor appearance during the siege of Gondor. Gothmog the orc leader is seen riding a warg while inspecting the orc army. Another is seen during the breach when the orcs charge through the gate as a mount for an orc. A third is seen during the retreat when the city is being overrun attacking men.

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